Top 6 Ideas to Start a New Business in Dubai

Top 6 Ideas to Start a New Business in Dubai
  • July 24, 2021
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Dubai’s commercial environment is well-known throughout the world. Aside from having an extremely favorable tax regime – zero percent on both personal and corporate incomes – the emirate is strategically located to trade with various other countries.

Dubai is also regarded for being a supportive environment for entrepreneurs, with a variety of incentives and acceleration programs in place to assist startups in thriving and growing.

There is a reason why Dubai is considered as the financial capital of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the reason behind this is that it offers an array of exciting options in everything from trading to tourism.

Here is our small research for you, which help you in deciding what business idea suits you best and fulfill your dreams of starting your business in Dubai.

Travel and tourism

Dubai is a nice place to visit around the world. It is a fashion hotspot for globetrotters, from the annual Dubai shopping festival to bejeweled markets of gold and foreign fashion. These specific reasons make it one of the best and attractive locations for entrepreneurs from all over the world and that’s why it is known as the best tourism destination. Starting a new venture in the field of travel and tourism is definitely a profitable one for passionate entrepreneurs.


This is a door-opening opportunity for engineers because construction businesses, architects, real estate developers, and a variety of other specialists in this field have a wealth of options.

The construction of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in Dubai is not slowing down. As a result, an investor can start a manufacturing company, a real estate development company, or sell building materials.


People adore everything in Dubai, from the food streets in Deira to the rooftop eating on the Dubai Marina. To tickle the taste buds, investing in the restaurant company is a fantastic option. The restaurant company in Dubai has a great chance of success because the emirate has a large number of expats who live alone.


The retail industry has been reshaped in numerous ways as a result of the pandemic’s constraints. The scenario has altered, from limiting the number of people who can be in stores at one time to limited the trial of promotional samples to entice potential buyers. Many existing businesses, such as packaging and tissue producers, have added new verticals to their operations by creating their own production facilities to meet rising demand.

Oil and gas services

In Dubai, the oil and gas industry continues to be a dominating sector, with all operations such as exploration, extraction, transportation, and distribution producing revenue for investors. Despite the fact that it necessitates large-scale investment and services, some divisions provide small and medium-scale company opportunities.

Business Consultancy services

Business Consultancy and business setup services are two of the most profitable enterprises in Dubai. This requires some expertise and experience, but it has shown to be a profitable business venture. Again, you must first obtain a license from the authorities in order to establish this company.

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Quick Business Tips Concerning Pandemic

Since the commencement of Covid-19, economies all across the world have taken a significant impact. This, understandably, depressed the enthusiasm of both business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the UAE with starting business ideas. However, according to the latest numbers from the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Dubai Government’s business license issuing department, there was a 4% increase in the number of business licenses issued.

Here are a few tips that will help you in deciding your business activities:-

E-commerce business set-up

Consumers quickly adapted to the online manner of browsing and purchasing during the pandemic. Their purchasing experience, however, has changed. Touching, wearing, and possibly tasting items before purchasing has practically died out. Entrepreneurs with online business ideas may choose to register a company in Dubai since e-commerce giants deal with thousands of vendors, large-scale logistical systems, and occasional technical problems.

IT solutions

While many businesses in Dubai had begun their digital transition, only a few had completed it. Covid-19, on the other hand, threw other businesses under the bus. Going digital was and continues to be the only way out for entrepreneurs as most activities come to a halt. This makes now an excellent moment for techies to put their online company ideas into action.

Web development

Every year, thousands of new businesses open their doors in this city, and they all require a website. If you already have the necessary skills, all you need is a laptop and access to the internet. If you’re new to the trade, there are many economical training courses available.

If you want to create a successful business in Dubai, you’ll need to promote it across all accessible platforms. Also, make sure you’re up to date on current methods and trends for improving your business skills. All you need is a company setup advisor like Vault Bucks and now relax and let the professionals do the rest, including maintaining your license and visa applications, liaising with the appropriate departments and authorities, and reporting back when you’re ready to begin trading.


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Our main goal is to give you useful and accurate information while keeping things simple for you. We make the process of starting a business efficient and productive. We’ll take care of the rest, administering the full application procedure, after an initial meeting to get to know your company and its needs. We can help you with any problematic issues that emerge during the development of your business.