Advantages of setting up Mainland Business in Dubai

Advantages of setting up Mainland Business in Dubai
  • July 06, 2021
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The Department of Economic Development (DED) provides a number of benefits to entrepreneurs, investors, and companies looking to start a business in Dubai, Mainland. A local UAE sponsor is required to form a Mainland Company in Dubai and this type of business provides a flexible legal arrangement in which a sponsor can be compensated in the form of a fixed annual fee, a percentage of sales, or a percentage of profits. In Dubai, DED (Department of Economic Development) is in charge of mainland business establishments, including registration, licensing, commercial compliance, and consumer protection.

Benefits of Mainland Company

Key benefits of setting up a Mainland business in Dubai are listed below:-

Freedom to trade

By establishing yourself on the mainland, you can plan for any type of trade without worrying about exceeding your trade permission throughout Dubai and the UAE. When it comes to forming a mainland company in Dubai, there are various legal requirements, including the requirement that it be sponsored by a Dubai national. You may keep management and financial control of your firm by seeking professional help from a reliable business setup consultancy, like Vault Bucks.

International Trade

Registration on the mainland of Dubai allows your company the ability to trade worldwide. Mainland business has the huge advantage of being able to operate without restrictions both inside and outside of the UAE. This distinguishes them from free zone companies because they are only permitted to conduct business within their respective free zone.

Freedom to expand your business

Having a company registered on the Dubai mainland allows you to expand your operations to other parts of Dubai and the UAE. Consider obtaining a Dubai DED (Department of Economic Development) license if branch expansion is a priority for your company. Mainland business setup helps you to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.

Diversify your business operations

Dubai’s expanding smart city infrastructure is already pushing firms in new directions, and the ability to diversify is becoming more valuable. Choosing a mainland Dubai location gives your company substantially more potential to improve. compared to your free zone competitors, obtaining a Dubai mainland license implies the administrative process is less restricted, smoother, and faster.

Business set-up operations

Another advantage of registering on the mainland in Dubai is that you will be eligible to compete on lucrative government contracts. If your business is expected to provide services that are in line with government projects, you may be in a strong position. Having formal governmental contracts throughout the UAE/Dubai will undoubtedly increase your company’s reputation and position, both within the UAE and outside.

Mainland business setup also allows you to create a flexible startup. Company formation in Dubai’s mainland appears difficult, partnering with the proper company formation consultants can provide you with a package that is both quick and thorough. Consider whether the package offers the following major benefits

  • Registration and establishment of a business
  • Legal administration
  • The national sponsorship of Dubai included
  • Quick and affordable
  • Processing of visas and immigration

With VBC’s exceptional corporate service, forming a mainland company in Dubai is simple. We can assist you in reviewing your company plan and identify the best business structure while ensuring accountability for the operations performed and finds the best solution for you.